Alphabet Aliens

  Alphabet Aliens is a children's book series of alliterative adventures.  Each book focuses on a young alien and a favorite letter of the alphabet.  The stories are entertaining and relevant with the proven educational benefits of challenging vocabulary and phonetic alliteration.  Explore new words and new worlds and have fun reading aloud together!

In Minnesota, we do a lot of reading to our kids in the long winter months. With the Alphabet Aliens, we wanted to create a series of adventures that were not only fun to read aloud, but were more linguistically challenging than other kids' books. Our goal is to foster a real love of language, and to give adults and children something to talk about even after the last page is turned. The unique powers of the young aliens are intended to reflect and celebrate the diversity of the universe in which our children live.

We hope that you and your little aliens find these first three alliterative adventures as much fun to read as we did to write.

— Julie and Susie

  • "The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children."

    —Richard Anderson et al., Becoming a Nation of Readers

  • "Preschoolers who hear rich explanations of sophisticated words learn significantly more words than children who do not."

    —Mary Collins, The Importance of Discussing 50-Cent Words with Preschoolers

  • "Besides supporting early literacy, rhymes and alliteration can soothe, entertain and foster a positive attitude toward reading."

    —Joan LeFebvre, Parenting the Preschooler

"These books have quickly become our favorites at bedtime. I love that my children are learning new words and actually using them in conversation."

—Sam and Sally's Mom

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