Alphabet Aliens

  Alphabet Aliens is a children's book series of alliterative adventures.  Each book focuses on a young alien and a favorite letter of the alphabet.  The stories are entertaining and relevant with the proven educational benefits of challenging vocabulary and phonetic alliteration.  Explore new words and new worlds and have fun reading aloud together!

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"Alphie adores his aunts, Amelia and Annabel, but he did not adore the ants who ate his apples!"

"Bebe's mother wasn't bothered by Bebe's bouncing. But there was one place Bebe was forbidden to bounce."

"Crikey!" cried Coco. "Someone is swiping our cookies. Come on Clyde. Let's catch this critter in the act!"

Picture Books * Ages 4 and up * Size 6"x6" (fits in your bag!) * 32 pages * Paperback * $4.99 each

"These books have quickly become our favorites at bedtime. I love that my children are learning new words and actually using them in conversation."

—Sam and Sally's Mom

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